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...soft release in 2013....


Chris Platis – Vocals
Freddy DeMarco – Guitar
David Sterle - Bass Guitar
Mark Sterle - Horns, Flute, Bari Sax, and schveazell
Eric Baltrinic - All Drums and Percussion

Arranged by Mark Sterle, David Sterle, and Chris Platis 
Produced by Mark Sterle, David Sterle, Chris Platis, Freddy DeMarco, Eric Baltrinic 
Engineered by Freddy DeMarco at DSM Recording Studio, Hudson, Ohio 
Mastered by Doug Jenkins at DIZ Mastering, Wadsworth, Ohio
Cover Art: Painting by George Platis. 
All songs written/composed by Chris Platis (©®1987 -2013) except Tracks 2,3 & 8

  • Track 2) Love Like Rain - Written by NonSequitur (Koch, Froning, Platis, Meyer)

  • Track 3) Love Street - Written by The Doors (Morrison, Manzarek, Kreiger, Densmore)

  • Track 8) The Killing Moon - Written by Echo and the Bunnymen ( McCulloch, DeFreitas, Sergeant, Pattinson)

I would like to thank the following:

God, for giving me these songs to share.

My wife and muse, Michele, for living with the standard issue, pump salesman/“artist” for all these years and for listening! (also, for suggesting Bounce!). Love You, Honey!

My favorite sister, Jean Roos, who has been my main feedbacker and listener since day one! Thanks, Jeannie!

All My Brothers and especially Greg for hanging out here in Ohio!  Also, George for the use of his fine painting! Thanks Bros!

My Mom and Dad (may they rest in peace!) for giving me life!

Mr Freddy DeMarco, the Sterle Bros, and Eric Baltrinic for pouring their artistic talents and technical expertise into this project and giving it a good vibe from start to finish! Thanks again, guys – this album would not have been near what it became without all of your contributions and efforts.

Thanks to the Platis Family Offbeat Percussion band (Greg, Michele, Jeannie and Tony!) – More Cowbell!

Special Thanks to: The Doors, Echo and the Bunnymen, NonSequitur, and all the fantastic musicians everywhere (particularly the old neighbor!) who keep me inspired. Also thanks to Robin Graham, Angie Siciliano, Ed Weber, Jim, George, Gary, Greg, Jeannie. Kris, Zoe, John, Mary Kapenekas, Jason, Terry, Jamie, and Chandler Van Horn, Gloria, Carol Paquette, The Shaws, Shadow, Emily, Jake & Jezzie, Snoopy, IHM, Walsh Jesuit, Akron U., Great Lakes Brewing, and Skyy Vodka, Now & Later, Thursday’s Lounge, BauHaus, JBs Down, 570 Mason Ave, and the Thursday Night Brew Crew (Don & Roger!).

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