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This is an updated collection of songs that I have been working on since 1987. It has always been a challenge to find musicians to work with on my originals, so I decided to put together a couple of projects over the last few years. As a result, I have been very blessed to work with some great local musicians on two separate projects. This album is a "Best Of" Chris Platis and friends compilation. Hope you enjoy!


The Musicians:  


The first five songs and all of the bonus tracks were completed at Brian Piper Recording Studios with Brian Piper and Corey Conway.They are both very intuitive at what they do. They had to be(!), because I am not the best at making the weird sounds needed to communicate the idea of the song. I guess that's why they made guitars and such things, but I have never done very well at trying to show an accomplished musician what I'm hearing in my head on either guitar or drums. Brian and Corey did a great job of figuring it out! Thanks guys!

The next 8 songs* were recorded a DeMarco Recording Studios with Freddie DeMarco, Dave Sterle, Mark Sterle and Eric Baltrinic. Once again, great musicians and great guys to collaborate with. As you will hear, they took some basic song ideas and really brought them to life. Thank guys!


*Please note:These songs were all previously released on Just Add Water! but I figured since no one has ever heard of me, I would re-release them with this album - Artistic license I guess! Also, The last 4 songs (all bonus songs!) are included as a tip of the hat to my wife and my old band mates (NonSequitur) where ever you may be!

I wish you all the best, my musical brethren! -CBP

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