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This was my first foray into recording my music professionally back in 1994! With the help of my friend, Ed Weber, I was able to team up with Tate Stevenson at Porch Dog Recording Studio to record four songs. "Nineties Dating Blues" actually ended up on the Aroara Project Compilation disc out of Cleveland, Ohio. I also had the opportunity to play the release party at the Odeon in the Flats with all of the other bands on the disc. Special thanks to Ed Weber for helping me pull this project together, Angie Siciliano for including "Nineties Dating Blues" on the Aroara Project, and Bob Grebelsky for helping me write "Blue"!  Also, special thanks to the ExCats for backing me up that night at the Odeon and whoever that drummer was that sat in and played my songs at the last minute without ever having heard them before (long story!)

Thanks guys!

Who Did What:
Drums: Ed Weber

Guitars: Andy McIntosh

Bass: Tate Stevenson

Vocals/Songwriting: Chris Platis

(Blue cowritten with Bob Grebelsky)

Recording Engineer: Tate Stevenson

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