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Blue Skies




Back in 1989, NonSequitur used to practice in the apartment in back of Thursday's Lounge (Akron, Ohio) where our guitarist, Drew Froning and his friend, Larry Smith, lived together. Larry also happened to be the drummer for "Exchange", a local alt-rock band. On any given night you could hear three bands playing at the same time in that building: Larry's bedroom, Andy's bedroom, and the bar!


Since that time, music has always stuck with me and I have continued to write. The song "90s Dating Blues" made it on the Aroara Compilation disc (Thanks Angie Siciliano!) that came out of Cleveland in the mid-nineties which included songs contributed by Lake Effect, Spoonfeeders, the Simpletons, Cletus Black, The Fifth Wheel, The Trade, Anne E DeChant, the ExCats, rosavelt, and Cats on Holiday. We actually did the CD release party at the Odeon in Cleveland.


I have completed a number of projects since then which has been a blast. Although music hasn't been in the forefront of my life, it does continue to engage me. Once I was finally able to complete the Just Add Water! project along with the two Piper Projects, I feel that I have gotten the most out of my limited skillset and I will continue to dabble with it! But alas, being too pragmatic, I realize that music will always be a fun hobby for me and projects every few years seem to fit the bill!


God bless all of those musicians who chase their dreams!

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